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Moover Kindergarten Dump Truck

$183.99 $110.00

Brand Moover

Kindergarten Dump Truck

Ride-on toy – full of play value

  • Noiseless toy – quiet working environment for you
  • Extremely strong - 3 year guarantee
  • Built to last - for your kids at kindergarten

With the Moover Kindergarten Dump Truck, you’ll witness quiet ride-on games at playtime; only interrupted with kids’ laughter and excitement as they play with this fantastic toy. This ride-on vehicle promotes a friendly play atmosphere thanks to its soundless operation and slow riding speed. You’ll soon appreciate that the Moover Kindergarten Dump Truck is an essential asset that supports you and your Kindergarten’s need for challenging and open-ended toys. Furthermore, this toy will assist in striking a helpful balance between your kindergarten’s environmental requirements and your work-environment needs, too.


Strong 10mm linden plywood; 10mm steel axis, POM fittings, TPE tyres.


53 x 29 x 18 cm (21 x 11 1/2 x 7 1/4 “) 2,800 Kg (6 1/4 lbs)

Age Group

+ 18 months


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