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Cheryl's Home and Family Extra Knotty Snoother Cloth


Just a Little Extra Knotty

Irritable in the day? Not sleeping at night? This might be you, but if it’s baby there is a good chance they are teething. A baby is born with 20 teeth below the gumline. They will start to come through between 6-12 months with a full set of baby teeth by age 3. We invented the Extra Knotty Snoother to ease your baby’s aching gums. Extra knots mean extra areas for your baby to chew.

The Extra Knotty Snoother is the ultimate soft cloth teether made with your baby’s gum health and comfort in mind. Providing tactile stimulation with three easy to grasp knots, the Extra Knotty Snoother is a safe, natural way to ease the pain of teething. For those really painful days, the Extra Knotty Snoother can be soaked in water and frozen for added relief.

  • Soft white terry cloth, free of dyes and harsh chemicals
  • Three easy to grasp knots
  • Easy to wash, easy to pack
  • Made first and foremost with baby’s safety in mind

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