Making Mealtime ezpz


Brand ezpz

ezpz's first book. The perfect companion for family mealtime with your Happy Mat! 

Making Mealtime ezpz: Fun Ways to Fill the Happy Mat is a great resource for parents to make fun and eye-catching mealtime creations for your toddler. It is also chock full of tips for parents on healthy foods, picky eaters, getting kids in the kitchen and more! 

Product Details + Benefits:

  • The book's focus is on 1 to 3-year-olds and mealtime creations for the Happy Mat
  • Helps parents recreate snacks and meals that kids are more willing to try
  • Recipes and food art are simple (i.e., ezpz) for parents to make
  • Additional content + tips include: list of Superstar Foods, the benefits of playing with food, clean eating facts, tips for picky eaters and creative ways to include kids in the kitchen

Parent and Expert Reviews:

"Brimming with nutritious content, this book makes me wish my kids were little again! Gorgeous ideas turn food into art for little ones to create, eat and enjoy. A must have for any parent looking for ways to make healthy meals fun!"

- Julie Clark (Founder, The Baby Einstein Company and JoyBox Studios)

"This colorful book is a straightforward way to highlight healthy foods in a fun and playful manner. There are many helpful feeding tips for the parent to guide the young eater to start establishing their own healthy eating patterns and good feelings around food. Making mealtime a positive experience involving all of our senses as a child allows us to become adults who enjoy a diverse and nutritious diet." 

- Maureen Dube-Savage M.S., RD (Registered Dietician & mom of three)


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