Peg Perego Plinko Mini


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Travel light when you go for a walk

It only weighs 13 lbs / 5 kg, but it has all of the classic Pliko qualities. It's the youngest member of the Peg Perego Pliko family but it stands alone, ensuring that it stays clean at all times, even when you need to "park" it. And it's a Pliko, so it is a paragon of practicality. You can fold it with one hand and you don't even need to bend over.

All of the advantages of being "MINI": inch by inch

Being just 19.25" wide / 48.8 cm, 40.2" high / 102.2 cm and 33.3 "deep / 84.6 cm gives you a lot more freedom. There's not a single elevator door, supermarket checkout aisle, streetcar or bus where Pliko Mini will fail to move with agility. However, the true revelation comes when setting off for a trip. Pliko Mini will fit in any trunk and leave plenty of room for other items thanks to its astonishingly compact dimensions when folded up: just 37.5" / 95.2 cm in height, 13.5" / 34.2 cm in width and 13" / 33 cm in depth.

Designed to close with ease and very little force. This stroller can even be folded with just one hand.
Tested and approved for children from birth. The seat can recline multiple positions, adding to the comfort of child on long journeys.
Constructed with a strong, yet lightweight, aluminum chassis. Provides a solid base for controlled movement and stability.

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