Quut Star Fish


Brand Quut

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Innovative design and intuitive play create a beautiful sand-molding experience!

No more filling and flipping. No more clumsy messes. These unique molds practically fill up and form the sand all on their own.

Grab the fish or the star, slide it around, and watch as the sand builds up perfectly in the center.

Tap the top to flatten it out and then lift the mold to reveal the beautifully formed shape!

Now you can grab a stick or anything to decorate it any way you want - Or, try inventing your own new ways to play, mold, and create.

Both molds are great for playing with bubbles in the bath and the star mold even doubles as a sand-sifter!

Simple, intuitive, and beautifully designed, the Quut Starfish set gets kids thinking creatively through classic sand-play excitement.

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