Wellworks Infrared Thermometre Forehead & Ear

Product Description
The wellworks™ Infrared Thermometer with large LED display features 3 modes to help protect the entire family. It toggles easily between C° and F° and provides instant and accurate 1 second readings in either Forehead Mode, Ear Mode or Object Mode. To use in Forehead Mode, ensure the probe cover is on and scan foreheads from 1-6cm. This mode also allows for scanning objects such as food or bath water. To use in Ear Mode, simply remove the probe and insert into the ear comfortably. To alert users of a normal, high or very-high temperature, in addition to the LED display, the thermometer also has a “”fever alarm”” as follows: NORMAL: 32.0℃ (89.6 ℉) ≤ T ≤ 37.4℃ (99.3 ℉) – will hear 1 “”beep”” HIGH: 37.5℃ (99.5 ℉) ≤ T ≤ 38.5℃ (101.3 ℉) – will hear 2 “”beeps”” VERY HIGH: 38.6℃ (101.5 ℉) ≤ T ≤ 42.9℃ (109.2 ℉) – will hear 4 “”beeps””

·Multifunctional Modes: Non-Contact Forehead, Ear Mode, or Object Mode to keep the entire family safe with fever alert feature. Use with probe cover on for Forehead or Object Mode and remove probe cover to use in Ear Mode.

·State of the art infrared technology with 1 Second Reading with Celsius and Fahrenheit modes and automatic shutoff after 8s

·Fever Warning Technology with “beeping” to provide an extra indication for normal, high and very high temperatures.

·Large LED display is perfect for using at night

·Includes: Thermometer & User Manual (2 X AAA batteries not included)
Vendor: Wellworks
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